About The Crawford County Legal Journal


Statutes requiring publication in legal journals were passed by the state legislature, beginning in 1909, and the law was extended to all counties in 1951. It is currently section 45 Pa.C.S. 308, passed in 1976.


The purpose of county legal journals is includes all county legal advertisements including notices of estates, incorporations, fictitious names, sheriff's sales and miscellaneous legal notices.


While some larger counties, like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, had small legal newspapers dating back to late 19th century, it was not economically feasible in smaller counties with a small subscription and advertizing base, and some Pennsylvania counties still do not have legal journals today.


The title page of the first volume of Crawford County's legal journal says it began in 1960, but the first issue contained an opinion by Judge Herbert A. Mook, then sole judge, dated 3 Aug. 1959, and the first volume ran from that date through July 24, 1961.


The initial legal journal committee was composed of Robert L. Walker, chair; Herbert E. Varnum, Yolanda G. Barco, and R. Charles Thomas. The first editor was John H. Bozic, Jr., and the first secretary was Angeline Sciere, who retired at the end of January, 2009, after 49 years. The journal committee has been fairly stable, and so has the editorship:  Jack Bozic until 1985, Thomas D. O’Shea until 1988, and William B. Moore, the current incumbent.


Publication in 1959 was the same as now: a weekly edition with opinion and ads, and compiled into a bound volume every couple years, with table of cases and subject index, containing only the opinions for permanent reference.